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Organizational Training

Marine Eliana Eutalia Conceio Ricardo Saints Rita Dorea Sueli Souza SUMMARY the present article deals with the importance of the program of training and development (T& D), and it has as objective main to inside provide to the learning and the conquest of the quality of the organization. It consists of some integrated activities, that […]


For the worker its bigger challenge will be to reach the objectives of the expatriation and the center of its life is the Organization. As Black and Mendenhali (1990) expatriated them to get success in an international assignment, are necessary characteristics related to the cross-cultural interaction, as: abilities related to the preservation of I (mental […]

Organizacional Communication

The conceptual and historical contexts of the communication in the organizations are boarded with relevance, a time that innumerable social factors come changing the necessities of interaction of the companies, mainly practise with respect to them communicative. In this in case that, the importance can be noticed to know the communication process, its impediments and […]

Organizational Activities

For example, a deviation from the equilibrium state of "need – activities" (dialectical form of development which is the individual consciousness), ie with the birth of the body's need for violation of its homeostasis, the birth of the "struggle" (in this case, the birth of activities aimed at restoring homeostasis) in the following order. For […]


Often parallel inspected and cleaned the ventilation system. To as little as possible to repair the metal roof, is to use a material with a polymer coating: it extends the life and protects against corrosion. Repair of soft roof Soft roof needs repairs more often than tile or metal roofs. Typically, it begins to flow. […]

The Foundations

However, the existence of such a society is very doubtful, and thus – perhaps to talk about a society with a fairly high but not absolute levels of social status and public demand, democracy and 'Market orientation' of the economic system. Consequently, in an effort to society 'absolute perfection' inevitable and reverse processes, resembling the […]

Consulting HR

It seems that everything is not money, and in times of crisis it is convenient to take into account. Dedication to the work or the personal creativity of workers, are primary assets for companies, and some of them, in addition to the fixed salary, thus offer their employees, usually to the directors, remuneration in kind […]

Juan Alberto

Rabies blinded him, took a bottle of ink that was on the table and threw it against the first thing that crossed it by the front. Ink struck the painting that Bela would be, totally ruined. Pablo looked one last time the portrait on the wall and went. Bela is the study stared droplets of […]


The OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe introduces an innovative solution for the Office Organization, specifically designed for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. “No matter, whether daily or project business, when it comes to the organisation of cooperation, most companies put always still in particular on email as a communication medium for the exchange of […]

Implementation of Business Ideas

From a letter to the reader: "I have a lot of new business ideas, the issue is implementation. The problem of finding an investor or partner to manufacture, distribute. I believe and know that you can achieve anything, but it is easy to say, "Go and do it." Between idea and implementation – the abyss. […]