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Emperor Francs

Passing for Lisbon, assisted for Alexander Herculano, it investigated in the archives and the libraries Real and of the Aid, also collecting the correspondence of the Conde de Tarouca when in Utrecht. It observes OAK, 1998, P. 201 to this respect: the 15 of June of 1855, sent> Uruguay, its memory on the Rights of […]

What is the Banking Business

Making a product of the banking business – just only instrumental utility of risk reduction or additional features, which consumption can not bring satisfaction in itself. People bring money into the pot so as not to lose them and spend later on other needs, take the money in the bank to spend it to meet […]

Vision of our company

Being the provider of mobile communications services in Catalonia reference and the first in Spain and differentiated by service excellence, professionalism and adaptability to market. To achieve our demanding goals, we must strengthen the human side to the customer. We must all contribute to the success of the project by adding and working as a […]

This mechanism is

This mechanism is part of an ongoing process to optimize the management techniques from the implementation, conscientious and responsible assessment, documentation, disposal and constant verification of the actions, and is part of the organizational process of the institution concerned to establish the standard. If initially not be reached to have an environmental management system, interested […]