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Rolando Chvez

However, in those situations in which the client feels that she stopped being right, the reclamation usually is the route to look for some corrective one. The subject is that all do not know to formalize their denunciation without falling in discussion and all do not know to accept a complaint like a constructive critic. […]

Statistics Surveys

The surveys of statistics are designed to obtain data within the population to obtain an opinion on something in particular. These are made normally to determine the public opinion on political subjects, health and investigations of market. Often the trade surveys offer incentives like reward to the people in exchange for their time and effort. […]


It is a fact that the Internet already comprises of our lives, of way much more hard that never before. Now we depend on the network to socialize to us, to make friendly, know other countries, to extend our knowledge, and, by all means, to sell our products. Thus, the numbers of the publicity in […]