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European Mission

God evangeliza by means of it ' '. The Bible is our authority in mission. It discloses the correct message of the Evangelho, reasons for mission and objectives methods that please the God. All work missionary must be based and be directed by the Sacred Holy Writs. Starbucks has compatible beliefs. Edison Queiroz said: ' […]


Of course, she wears and the therapeutic effect, making many practitioners highly appreciate it. This effect can be compared with the confession, there is also a relief when you tell all the secret stories from his life to the witness. This practice-a tribute to our commitment to the collective sharing of feelings. However, all the […]

Make Effective Resource

Web site – is relevant and highly effective means of advertising, business development, information. Create their own websites, many companies and firms. On the Internet resources, and think you are? Then, familiarize yourself with some advice about how to make it not only attractive but also efficient. Development sites in Tver and other cities is […]

Sustainability, renewable energy, climate protection only a few aspects of new environmental trend change in the social and political consciousness. In addition to his focus on the field of European development, the European circle will now start a new thematic portal on the pulse of time. With the GreenMAG, we want to inform currently now […]