Monthly Archives: September 2012


With the cut in the IPI, passed December, the market if recouped of the fall suffered in the last months of 2008. In the first fortnight of June, the sales already the same registered high of 8,54% before period of 2008.Segundo it, already it is certain that the semester will be record. Data gotten for […]

Bellen Development

The adoption of the concept for international organisms marks the affirmation of a philosophy of the development that from a tripod combines economic efficiency with social justice and ecological prudence, as premises of the construction of a solidary society and joust and the dimensions pointed for the concept of sustainable development contemplate economic calculation, the […]

Credit Card

Going to a commercial center with its credit card is what leads to many people to the bankruptcy. The studies say that the more time a person in a commercial time, the more will buy. The problem is not to buy, the problem is the quality of the bought thing. Many people buy things that […]