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FIFA Hotels

For example: passarela will be constructed one binding the quarters of the Tijuca and They are Cristvo. The passage that before was done in 20 the 30 minutes, depending on the schedule, with this workmanship will be made around 10. Highways will be extended and estacionamentos for cars and bus they will be constructed, improving […]

Merrill Lynch

Gold and silver have more predictable pricing dynamics: due to the significant volume of trade and high demand and supply prices for these metals are more predictable compared with platinum and palladium, which have individual characteristics. Platinum Group Metals are more suitable for investors who are ready to spend quite an aggressive policy, including the […]

Latin America

The economic vulnerability is reduced as the alliances grow. In the areas of free commerce the tariffs are eliminated. 8. It looks for a market common in Latin America in order to cause the integration of the South. Threats: 1. when lowering the prices of the crude one investments are decreased and can represent breach […]