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Abstract System

The system is abstract, the reality is concrete. Then, the subject to about the choice becomes basic in the philosophy existncialismo Kiekegaardiano, it is as if it was a nucleus of the existence human being. To create a philosophy on of the choice is also to assume the anguish that this backwards. The choice is […]

World Aftermodern

The RELIGION IN WORLD PS-MODERNO Jonas Matheus Sousa Da Silva Marked for the aesthetic one, the religion in the world after-modern wants to take care of the antropolgico-tecnicista necessity to live deeply the climax of a sensation transcendente that it means the irruption of the divine sphere in the existence human being. The aesthetic one, […]

Sustainable Amaznia

Much has been said on sustainable odesenvolvimento of the Amaznia. Pormas opinions divergem a little (or very) between government epopulao. For the government desenvolvimentoest supported in the still bigger exploration naturias derecursos. Also with the foreign decapital participation, putting at risk the proper Native sovereignty danossa. But the objective of this text no to criticize, […]

Argentine Uruguay

Instead of to optimize the commercial conditions, allowing to the unrestricted competition, so that others can penetrate in the market of the telecommunications, putting brake to the low quality of the existing supply, lowering the price of costs to the consumer, extending the opinion currents, falling the power del that enjoy the megas corporations. Cristina […]

Ferratum Group

We only must make sure that these companies that grant loans to the consumption of small quantity correctly are legislated and concern all the laws in force with respect to the credits to the consumption. With CREDITOMOVIL.ES, Spanish of the financial holding company Ferratum Group marks, can be chosen to loans of small quantity without […]