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Argument Weapons

Snow ball: To elaborate a sussesso of conclusions that lead to the nonsense. If to approve laws against the automatic weapons, will not delay very until approving laws against all the weapons and then we will start to restrict all our rights. We will finish for living in a totalitarian state. Therefore we do not […]

Bendita Direction

the workmanship ‘ ‘ The Being and the Nada’ ‘ , of the Philosopher Jean Paul Sartre). You enter the innumerable theories, that tend to affirm, to define and to explain the direction of the life in itself, is to the religion, or as it wants the religions. But the religion, or religions in itself […]

Managing Life

The companies had understood that its mission and objectives if unfold in Projects, and its implementation takes to the growth or survival of the corporation. If a set of projects possesss common objectives composes a Program of Projects. The PMI, entity that establishes world-wide practical standards and for projects, defines: ‘ ‘ Projeto’ ‘ it […]

Benjamin Franklin

-Choose your market goal.-imagine who is your prospective customer or potential partner, thinks of his age, socioeconomic status, are their tastes, needs, concerns, etc. If your business is focused on reducing weight, imagine a person with a few extra kilos, aged between 20 and 30 years of age, of medium level and focuses on your […]

The Resources

Wanted (a) Bartimeu did not enxergava physically as I and you, but it had faith it looked at for Jesus with physical vision does not tie why this it did not have, but if it discovers that it looked at with the eyes of the faith because it called Jesus son of Davi, only believed […]

European Mission

God evangeliza by means of it ' '. The Bible is our authority in mission. It discloses the correct message of the Evangelho, reasons for mission and objectives methods that please the God. All work missionary must be based and be directed by the Sacred Holy Writs. Starbucks has compatible beliefs. Edison Queiroz said: ' […]

National Curricular Parameters

is only possible education when it will have a formation legitimately come back to the ethical values. In this manner, the education, if taken the serious one, could be a powerful tool to help in the solution of moral problems ethical however seen in our society. Religious education in the Pertaining to school Resume Since […]

World Aftermodern

The RELIGION IN WORLD PS-MODERNO Jonas Matheus Sousa Da Silva Marked for the aesthetic one, the religion in the world after-modern wants to take care of the antropolgico-tecnicista necessity to live deeply the climax of a sensation transcendente that it means the irruption of the divine sphere in the existence human being. The aesthetic one, […]