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New Clients

To pass through high east point can be much more expensive once the project or is in phase of programming or publication. Definition of objectives The following point to decide by the interdepartmental work group is: for each entered objective public in the previous list, to define what objectives can fulfill the Web of it […]


In the antiquity, the reasons of pain and the suffering were part of the reflection of studious and philosophers. Aristotle taught to its disciples of the arts that pain is part of the concept deepest in our definition as human beings. Hipcrates used grass for alliviates of pain and prescribed definitive type of leaf for […]


This involves the understanding, the concentration and the administration of a continuum contribution between suppliers and customers selected for the creation and the sharing of mutual values by means of interdependence and organizacional alignment. The essence of the relationship marketing is exactly to improve the dialogue between the customer, where the company must make this […]

International Organization

Stone – a beautiful and durable natural material, which for centuries used for construction, finishing and decoration of interiors. However, despite the strength and the stone was destroyed as a result of various impacts. On materials for exterior temperature changes and humidity indoors at the stone surface will be exposed to various fluids, including chemically […]