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40 Years Delta Group – For The Future

40 years Delta Group – for the future perfectly Hoofddorp/Amsterdam made on June 16, 2001 when Dr. Bruce Cheng founded Delta in 1971, he had a goal, that was never as relevant as it is today: products and solutions around to develop environmentally friendly energy supply. Meanwhile, the Delta Group has grown to a world […]

YES Plastic

In accordance with escolaridade 25% of the interviewed ones has only basic education, 25% average education and 50% have superior education (graphical III). Percentage of people in accordance with the etria band: E. Superior= 25%; E. Mdio=50%; E. Fundamental=25% In accordance with graph IV, 45% of the interviewed ones says that it offers of the […]

Story Market Brings Career-Turbo

Fun company presents 3500-year-old laws of success as a personality test. Already the glimpse into the German work reality leaves shiver. Competently they work since above not, and not particularly pleasant. Saving, shortening, and dismissed as a panacea for every business problem? How have you get up there? Why do the career and we only […]

A Place In The Sun For Children From Thuringia

From the holiday on August 8 is Fernsehlotterie at the holiday camp for ten children from around the country with the ARD FFZ Blossin after Brandenburg school, case pick for the holidays! This is self-evident for most children during the summer holidays. Unfortunately not for all: also in Thuringia, there are many children who could […]

IT Concierge Service In Wuppertal

A new partner in the nationwide IT-service-NET, he has experience of all certificates of Microsoft and Linux. Also has a commercial training. This is helped, of course as a business knowledge advantage for many errors. So can more quickly detect and correct defects and that saves you time and money. His performance is complemented by […]

Sparruf: More Savings On Traveling Abroad

Now from more than 45 countries for 3 cents per minute in the German fixed network calls Heidelberg, include the 13th August 2008 to the new countries where Sparruf has established its own dial-in nodes, including China and Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the Iran, South Africa and the Ukraine. Obtain a PrePaid card that […]

Accident Insurance – For Whom The Conclusion

All people in Germany in the statutory accident insurance are insured on entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers. Members of the professions listed here as exceptions can take out voluntary insurance. But the protection offered by the statutory accident insurance is sufficient in any case? You must have this question no answer. Douglas Oberhelman pursues this goal […]

IT Concierge Service In The Area Giessen And Wetzlar

Morris ju serves his customers North of Frankfurt in the Lahn Valley area, Vogelsberg and Wetterau and his company GBVISION. In smaller companies, often too little attention is paid to the operational computer. Support is therefore important for smaller companies, because they have often no own employees who can afford professional help. The consequences can […]

Relaunch Of

Holiday-makers from all over the world that use the new homepage of the accommodation service in Willingen/Sauerland can the accommodation service from Willingen with new website FACEBOX gene – now. In addition to the complete remodeling of the website, many guest information approximately around the World Cup venue in Willingen were incorporated and prepared for […]

SnapVillage Offers Five Subscription Packages In

(Online article) – the subscriptions from one week up to a year more than 80 percent of the SnapVillage archives include. SnapVillage (, the microstock Web site of Corbis, offers five flexible subscription models for the purchase of microstock images to its customers. You apply one week to one year and allow up to 25 […]