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The Movement

A bit of curiosity and a genuine desire to learn and investigate shall provide the learning path. Invest time in your House to plan their finances, use a name as La hour of the prosperidad, part of their day that will work only for you step by step planning movements that will give. That extra […]

The Workers

per month). CALCULATION of the rate of rotation of personnel for such calculation the following formula was used: staff turnover rate: casualties in the year low inevitable X 100 average people working year-round in the company 4 taking into account that the number of casualties in the past year, amounted to 249, less 5 inevitable […]

Prudent Investment Strategies

The working man expends much energy and time in accruing his equity, and therefore it is essential to carefully examine all investment, pension, retirement and other financial programs. The stock markets can be quite confusing to the lay person, as can the plethora of investment options offered by banks, investment companies, insurance firms, and so […]