Prudent Investment Strategies

The working man expends much energy and time in accruing his equity, and therefore it is essential to carefully examine all investment, pension, retirement and other financial programs. The stock markets can be quite confusing to the lay person, as can the plethora of investment options offered by banks, investment companies, insurance firms, and so on. Investment management by the professionals can make all the difference.

How do you choose an investment manager?
Experience. An experienced investment manager can ensure success. Look for someone who has a broad education, experience that spans a number of spheres, and someone well respected in the business community. , an , successful businessman, director and chairman of a number of companies, past Governor of the American Stock Exchange, a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, is a prime example of a financial analyst and leading economic personality. ( heads Inc.)

Another example would be Kenneth L. Fisher, who holds a degree in economics and founded and manages Fisher Investments that manages over $45 billion for private clients and institutions. Fisher has also been writing the “Portfolio Strategy” column in Forbes since 1984, and Fisher’s stock picks for 2006 returned 15.7% versus the S&P 500’s 8.7%. CXO Advisory Group ranks Ken Fisher as tied for the second place with James Oberweis with an accuracy rate of 65%.