Monthly Archives: September 2011

Benefitting from Client Complaints

We all know the force feedback. How does it work for us. When your satisfied customer wrote appreciative review, the realism of his emotion is strong confidence. This ad is special, can not create any high-paid specialist. And how to benefit from negative feedback? What to do when a client suggested, their specific discontent? Structurally, […]

Performed Work Assessment

It took 10 seconds for what would discover that the phone number from is called, appears in several job openings. Next – easier. Seeing in the same E-mail and landline phones, it remains only to find the name of the company's corporate Web sites and other information on the topic. That was found right away? […]


Specialists, by the way, sometimes avoiding the word “natural” (because it turns out that instant – unnatural) and use the term speciality – gourmet coffee.” In turn, it is divided into powder (80% of total consumption) and coffee beans (20%). It is believed that coffee preferences indicate the level of development. For example, in African […]