Specialists, by the way, sometimes avoiding the word “natural” (because it turns out that instant – unnatural) and use the term speciality – gourmet coffee.” In turn, it is divided into powder (80% of total consumption) and coffee beans (20%). It is believed that coffee preferences indicate the level of development. For example, in African countries where they grow the product, consumption of coffee instant (soluble) reaches 99%. However, coffee invented not only to reduce the cost of the product, but also for convenience. Like everywhere in our country, there are two main segments of coffee consumption. First, about 70% of the market – retail, that is selling the drink in stores for further home consumption. Here the lion’s share of the product accounted for instant coffee, 80% represented the largest transnational corporations. The second major segment of the coffee market, 25-30%, the experts called HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, cafe).

That is coffee, which the customer consumes in your own kitchen, and in public places. Here the lion’s share of coffee speciality. Another is the so-called “office use”, 2-3% of the market, as well as special coffee machines, sales them – less than one percent. With regard to coffee consumption in the regions of Ukraine, the common opinion that in the west, adjoining the European culture, coffee, drink more than the east, experiencing a strong influence Russian traditions (in this case – tea), rightly so. Production, imports, exports in the period from 2005 to 2009.