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Tradition Apontas Celebrates

Apontas Celebrates 40th anniversary Sumte, jazzband – 1971 is an eventful year: John Lennon released his album imagine, Greenpeace was founded in Canada, McDonald’s opened its first branch in Germany, the Aswan High Dam is in operation and Borussia Monchengladbach is German football champion. But an another – and very important event – the public […]

English James Parkinson

Ahead of this question which the cares that the nurse can give to the carrier of Parkinson? The objective of this study is to investigate the cares that the nursing professionals, can give to the carriers of the illness of Parkinson, in order to provide it quality of life better. The choice of the subject […]

Psychoanalysis Thought

The ORIGINS OF the THOUGHT IN the THEORY OF the PASSIONS Pollyanna Paiva Saints of the Rocha* Summary What it means to think? Of where it comes the thought? Which would be the origins of our ideas and action? How functions the mind? Why we prefer such which thing? The pleasure is determinative in this […]


The precocious detention, however, consists of the secondary prevention and has as main instrument diagnosis the examination of Papanicolau or citopatolgico capable to still identify the malignant neoplasia in its initial phase (SMELTZER; BARE, 2002). Still according to Smeltzer and Bare (2002), the risk factors include the multiple partners, the precocious age in the first […]


When reading texts that stimulate in them to the optimism, we come across with the following phrases that instead of bringing comfort makes in them to appear more investigations, such as: It does not lose time, if the time is not pra to be wasted after all, pra that it serves! Many times we spend […]

Fenomenologia Phenomenon

For the accomplishment of a qualitative research it is necessary that the researcher possesss prxi s as nature metodolgica. Martins and Bicudo explicitam despite: What in the theories the researcher learns on the empirical comments and in the experiences for it lived, they must constitute its starting point. These two learnings supply the instrumentation to […]