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Rio De Janeiro

CHAPTER II Isabel negotiates with the Isabel Retail dealers decided then, if to interest for the businesses of the father, and more it was not satisfied in only weaveeing crochr with its mother. This now wanted to know what it was an arroba? How much it cost? With how many ourios of chestnut it gave […]

Net Marketing

to fall in the trap of the family, of the friends, you are so enthusiastic with the chance who you want that all are joined to yours equip, you at least do not obtain to imagine that they do not want to be part. But if you want to be to networker professional, pods not […]

Compadre Antonio Pear

I only passed one week inteirinha thinking about a certain word, on the related subject, that in fact pleased my great friend. Then in the same place, as always, I dealt with to make the same question: – Compadre Antonio Lol, why will be that the agriculturists not yet capinaram lands? There it answered glad […]