Monthly Archives: May 2018

Uncle Bina

The red carpet confides to receive the Oscar. It is son, mother, woman, aunt, psychologist, educator and without counting that it is the face of the wealth. Blouse of Italy, skirt of France, shoe of the United States, bracelet of China, play of Russia, bore of Saudi Arabia, gargantilha of gold of know how many […]

Argument Weapons

Snow ball: To elaborate a sussesso of conclusions that lead to the nonsense. If to approve laws against the automatic weapons, will not delay very until approving laws against all the weapons and then we will start to restrict all our rights. We will finish for living in a totalitarian state. Therefore we do not […]

President Rosneft

Russia’s largest energy company has signed a memorandum. Dallas, 09.12.2013. Rosneft, Russia’s largest energy company, has signed a memorandum on a closer cooperation in exploration, extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons together with the Italian company ENEL. In the presence of Russian President Wladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta had used their signatures Rosneft […]

Economic Crisis

The world just is recovering from a crisis that led to the worst, to where many has ever had imagined. Although not all we have recovered 100 percent, or in the same way, we all share something; We do not want to be in a situation like the larger global economic crisis that we experienced […]

National Archaeological Museum

Was once, back in Old Russia, the elite mosaics considered a luxury affordable only to the rich, as the mosaic had to be brought from other countries, because in Russia, then it simply does not know how to do it. Now: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, mosaic marble, each available in Russia, as in all other […]

The Solidarity Center Collaborations

Perhaps the global crisis provides an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the fisheries around the world and to create legal mechanisms to avoid predation. After depleting its fish stocks, some industrialized countries have moved their fishing capacity to the South, with weak governments in protecting the Law’s marine ecosystems and economies of scale fishermen, who have […]

Internet Advertising

Thus, when advertising on television to highlight the image, clearly distinguish it from its surroundings. If possible, try to use the association with movie heroes, artistic heroes. The main types of stories in the advertising vehicle: a dramatic, historic, poetic. Pros advertising on television: – the simultaneous effect on vision and hearing – a broad […]

German Honorary Board

“German VOLUNTEERING takes over patronage for project of the Munich Club Parea your project of the German voluntary work Association supports with the acquisition of the patron of the project meeting volunteering meet and move” the use of your project e.V. Parea. The Parea project among over 800 candidates from the Federal Government was chosen […]

Effective Teamwork

Friday, the end of the day. Sergey all in a lather. Chief of urgently needed reports. The phone rings incessantly. Under most conditions Jim Umpleby would agree. Andrew recalled that the planning session on Monday. Genet urgently needed document. Sasha aims to discuss the project. Client hastens with the solution. Finally, call the chief and […]