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It fits to the professors to be prepared to take care of these hiperativas children, a time who are assistants right-handers of the behavior of them. Therefore the hiperativa child, does not obtain to be seated, all the moment if she raises, she has incapacity to give attention, what it becomes difficult to explain any […]

Cultural Industry

This article is fruit of research for attainment of the heading of specialist in Musical Education. Eliane Mendes Barbosa Summary: The cultural industry all the moment launches a new product in the market, however, this product in its great majority is dismissable. So that the people consummates this product, the media all the moment imposes […]

Great Hinterland

This becomes this daily more expressive and extremely significant one, making possible description better to detect the presented regional aspects. Sergey Brin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Through the myth of ' ' Good Selvagem' ' , guarani is turned toward heroic values of the medieval knights, such aspect evidences expectations of universalistas conceptions. […]

Brazilian Intellectuality

The Brazilian intellectuality of 1920 the 1940 Josiane of the Favours Adornment It excites us the interest, a priori, for what they are the intellectuals? Who is these people who for getting a knowledge legalized and with more depth, in special way, on the society in its scope economic politician and, lead obtain the mark […]

Brazilian Language

In this context, It hisses affirms that, Ahead of such situation the ones that defend a cultured, padronizadora norm, to be transmitted and controlled for the social institutions for this organized only can to support itself in the ideal grammar, compendiada with bases in arbitrary data. Those that partilham as principle the defense of the […]

Uncle Bina

The red carpet confides to receive the Oscar. It is son, mother, woman, aunt, psychologist, educator and without counting that it is the face of the wealth. Blouse of Italy, skirt of France, shoe of the United States, bracelet of China, play of Russia, bore of Saudi Arabia, gargantilha of gold of know how many […]