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Account Tool

How many times you already thought: ' ' Necessary to organize my finances, but I do not have tempo' ' or ' ' necessary to control my money, but not seicomo' '. Many I believe. you arrived to make some thing the respect? Very probably not. In the truth two questions exist envolvidasnisso: habit and […]

Kyoto Protocol

According to statistical data that can be trusted are the graphs of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature at this time. They are the same. 7). Due to global warming, the temperature will rise soon so that we will all perish. Not enough and not soon enough. Over the last 100 years temperatures […]

Express Your Feelings

Feelings can be expressed in many ways – art, language, gestures or actions. Sometimes words are powerless to adequately "translate" our feelings. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that the arts – painting, music, poetry – and it is so popular for thousands of years and in all cultures. Art can express what is […]

Sports Medicine

Most likely, the regime is the same. But the subtlety necessary to match each for themselves, to feel – at least, more often, stronger, weaker, add bracing point he-gu, etc. etc. Selection of multiple modes for a man can be seen in the sections on our website denas and Sports Medicine, and Chronic fatigue and […]