Kyoto Protocol

According to statistical data that can be trusted are the graphs of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature at this time. They are the same. 7). Due to global warming, the temperature will rise soon so that we will all perish. Not enough and not soon enough.

Over the last 100 years temperatures have risen by 0,7 C – 1 C. And the most daring predictions for the next 100 years would grow by 4,6 C, but most likely, this increase will not exceed 2 C. With less likely, but there are models that predict the same so chill. 8). From global warming we will get only benefit. In some areas could be enjoy unusually warm weather, but the price of the negative consequences exceed any benefits. Number of illnesses and deaths due to heat rise. 9).

Agriculture, it will only be at hand. Carbon dioxide can increase the yield number of crops, but also increase the number of weeds and pests. Plants can not grow well in the same place due to climatic shifts. 10). The Government will take care of us. In addition Kyoto Protocol (which only limits emissions) by several countries, excluding the U.S. (the largest source of emissions), nothing more was not done. Governments fear the economic consequences of global warming. 11). Problem not as serious as national security. Well see. If we consider that the warming will affect everyone on the planet (at what was a painful blow on it), I think I will be more serious. 12). Causes of global warming are well known. Many believe that global warming is completely innocent man and that only by stopping industrial activity, it is possible to avoid a catastrophe. In fact, the climate change issue is so new that now impossible to say with certainty about its causes. The fact that it happens – it's a fact, but what is the result of human activities is not the only person version. For example, there is a version that is the result of natural processes occurring in the Sun – Earth – Space. 13). We know how to fight global warming, we have the technology. The Strategic Plan is in development. There are several large-scale options to combat global warming, but they are all from the realm of science fiction, and require huge investments, comparable to the U.S. budget, but better than many small changes than one big. 14). We can not do anything about it. Each can already contribute to the fight against global warming if only observing rationalism in its consumer business.