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Komi Republic

According to preliminary estimated opening of the rivers of the Komi Republic is expected to close in time to the middle years of dates, the exception could reach the river Pechora basin, where the destruction of the ice will begin later multiyear dates. Maximum water levels spring tide on the clean water will be close […]

The Evolution Of Hunting

In the days of mammoth hunting for the man was not a toy, and war. It went on to survive. Everything was terribly easy. Or are they – we, the people, or we – they, and animals. Everything has changed, turning from its head, technical progress, which immediately put the animals in the position of […]

Kyoto Protocol

According to statistical data that can be trusted are the graphs of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature at this time. They are the same. 7). Due to global warming, the temperature will rise soon so that we will all perish. Not enough and not soon enough. Over the last 100 years temperatures […]