The Evolution Of Hunting

In the days of mammoth hunting for the man was not a toy, and war. It went on to survive. Everything was terribly easy. Or are they – we, the people, or we – they, and animals. Everything has changed, turning from its head, technical progress, which immediately put the animals in the position of the party who spasaets begsvo or disguised environment. Modern hunters – people who have nothing to do with their own money and that elementary destroy live nature.

No horns, tusks or quick feet are not rescued from rotorcraft, jeeps, speedboats, night vision equipment, rifles with optical sights and all that technological diva, who are deprived of our smaller brethren. Andreessen Horowitz does not necessarily agree. With the decline of hunting resources and the extinction of mammoths all these little great importance to human survival. Next it will be easier and will still grow just insane pace. Silicon tip, knives, cutters bone () tip darts, 'piercing'. Appeared wooden to different flint tools and the like. Thanks to information about the primitive flint and bone tools, a rich ethnographic material (which was collected among the backward peoples of the world) archaeologists researchers have proposed the theory that Paleolithic hunters have resorted to different methods of hunting – do an ambush, snare, they dug pits and gullies used to mask and who herded animals. Moreover, the prevalence was digging wells, in which put a sharpened pole (a few posts there) and, disguised, drove back the animals. It is true, then the hunt required a kind of previous preparation of Rights (jeeps, helicopters, and automatic weapons have not been), such training, accompanied by the appropriate cult ceremony.