Monthly Archives: December 2014

Anton Kalabin

"Informal communication environment runs mechanisms by which manifests specificity for both employers and candidates – not just the skills, experience and willingness to work for a certain rate, but many details associated with the professional stereotypes, socio-psychological aspects of personality "- emphasizes Anton Kalabin, ceo of distribution company "Kvikmarket. At the same time, according to […]

Italian Language

Currently, the national language of Malta is the Maltese, who, along with English is an official language. Currently, almost 100% of the Maltese people can speak the Maltese language, 88% can speak English, 66% of the Maltese can speak Italian, but 17%? in French. These data indicate that the internationalization of the population, since 1995, […]

Book Open

The night of books returns to Madrid, as every year, to promote reading and literature on the occasion of the international day of the book, April 23. <! more > here’s how the Madrid commemorates the death of three great authors of universal literature on April 23, 1616: Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Inca […]

Doing Business With The Language

I feel like that when most ferocious journalist who was Franco’s censorship was devoted to mess with the U.S. president – is that Truman will know who I am, “he said. Neither Harry Truman learned of the existence of my colleague or his criticism served, of course, at all. Well, I happen to carry a […]