Account Tool

How many times you already thought: ' ' Necessary to organize my finances, but I do not have tempo' ' or ' ' necessary to control my money, but not seicomo' '. Many I believe. you arrived to make some thing the respect? Very probably not. In the truth two questions exist envolvidasnisso: habit and praticidade. We always have time pra to make the things, we happen we are that in the deep one we will noqueremos, therefore we prioritize other activities that we find maisimportante. if its in case that it is not to know to control its money, tenhoas my doubts.

It only exists two forms to balance its budget: To stop to spend or to gain more money. This todomundo knows, until you. Inside of this idea, you it applies slight knowledge bsicasde organization of its daily life in its budget. this voctambm knows to make. Nothing simpler than to take note of that pra enters esai to have a clear visualization of its budget. But then why that my financial life is a chaos? Why I do not obtain to place these. This tool, completely inserted in the principles of web 2,0, allows that you can manage its money, in a practical way tosimples and that you go to have pleasure to use it.

the use frequenteda tool will go to create the habit that you need pra to start to agerenciar its money better and to start to enrich. We go learns to use the MoneyTrackin? Pra to start, is important to list some advantages of this tool: It is total GRATIS; Total in PORTUGUESE possibility of if using the Real (R$) as currency; By being a tool web 2,0, it can be had access of any place with access to the Internet, even though of its smartphone; It is simple, practical and he has an interface clean ‘ ‘ to there the Google’ ‘ 65%) – Account of the Diversion (5% of my reserved money for diversion) – Account Education (10% of my money destined to the financial, personal education etc) – Account Financial Freedom (20% of my money destined to the investments will take that me to the retirement). The reports and graphs are of first. They bring of clear form general asinformaes on its financial movement commanded pormeses. The great differential of the MoneyTrackin staffs. Rafael is author of the site Income Dnheiro –