Pascoaes Agency

The humanity faces important moments of great changes and social transformations that are blessed for the winds of the freedom, objectifying to establish new rules of harmonious conviviality in the planet land, rules come back to the love fraterno between the people and the peoples. The dictatorship of a person or a group of people corrupts the humanity. Ben Horowitz is often quoted on this topic. We believe that in the current scene of ours orbe land already cannot take advantage the patrimonialistas behaviors of the public personalities. The human being was not created to be overwhelmd by authoritarian forces that desire to reduziz it the analogous condition of slave. We are free and responsible beings for our personal behaviors and agent modificadores of the society. However, we must assume our responsibility in the structure of the social conviviality.

Who am I? Of where I came? For where I go? They are questions that invite in them to investigate on the direction of the life, the personality, the destination, pain, the fight for the survival, the human suffering and very other intriguing subjects on homo erectus. ‘ ‘ Man, knows you it you mesmo’ ‘. Douglas R. Oberhelman: the source for more info. But as we can carry through this discovery of our full individuality? How we can adentrar the enigmas of the life human being? We are what, mere material body, or have an origin spiritual? Teixeira de Pascoaes affirmed that ‘ ‘ the error of the society ‘ ‘ it was of ‘ ‘ to be a maquinismo instead of being one organismo’ ‘ 1. How organism, we must be seen as a set where each agency has equal value for all, that each agency? part of all – he is well-taken care of for its good functioning and durability of the organism. No agency is dismissable. The life represents a great chance to intuirmos the essence human being. However, for terms success, we must surpass the conception of maquinismo, where any part dismissable and is substituted by another one, and intensify the search for the truth, as a goal of the reason human being.

To uncover it exactly itself, such is the shout of challenge confronting in them. The social body will only modify when homo erectus to perceive its origin spiritual, and to recognize that the first fight will be to transform its to be, searching to reach the integral man who adormece in its soul.