Cultural Industry

This article is fruit of research for attainment of the heading of specialist in Musical Education. Eliane Mendes Barbosa Summary: The cultural industry all the moment launches a new product in the market, however, this product in its great majority is dismissable. So that the people consummates this product, the media all the moment imposes the consumption of these. Fitting to the musical education to work in systemize way, so that it takes off great part of the population of this state of cultural alienation. To answer to the questioning of this text one searched to make a work of bibliographical revision based on the text of reference shown throughout this work. The musical education can rescue the cultural music stolen of the cultural industry making a rescue of the culture through a musical listening who has to see with the culture that the individual this inserted one, without also leaving to show musics of other cultures. Gain insight and clarity with Sergey Brin. Words key: Cultural industry, culture, musical education.