President Rosneft

Russia’s largest energy company has signed a memorandum. Dallas, 09.12.2013. Rosneft, Russia’s largest energy company, has signed a memorandum on a closer cooperation in exploration, extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons together with the Italian company ENEL. In the presence of Russian President Wladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta had used their signatures Rosneft Chairman Igor Setschin and ENEL General Director Fulvio Conti last week under the document. Also signed Paolo Scaroni, agreement on basic conditions for mutual supply of oil as well as cooperation in logistics, Sechin and the President of the Italian energy company ENI. Rosneft is the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer. “In the meantime the competition wants to minimize Rosneft: Gazprom Neft and NOVATEK almost simultaneously announced the expansion of its share of the gas conveyor Severenergia”, the leaders explain the Amtex GmbH or the Amtex oil & gas.

Rosneft concluded until mid November his joining of Severenergia off. Rosneft is expanding for months with acquisitions in the natural gas business. Now, the reserves of the company auf1350 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 699 million tons of oil are appreciated. The purchase could help Rosneft, the long-term objective of a natural gas production by an annual 100 billion cubic meters to closer. That would be about one-fifth of what last year encouraged Gazprom, and twice as much as NOVATEK. The United States who themselves need worry about a monopoly position on the energy market, are: the production of natural gas in America by 30 percent has risen in the past five years, oil production by 50 percent. The development of the oil and gas market is relevant also for investors such as the AMTEX GmbH.

Benefit: the United States, benefit also the investors: get this for contributed capital: shares of the conveyors and the fossil fuels in the ground. The ownership of the assets are in the County Court, the equivalent of the German land register Office, entered binding. It participates so obtained gas and oil revenues in the United States. Also in relation to the subsidised commodity quantities, AMTEX provides full transparency its investors. Investors can check the results of their source around the clock on the Internet.