German Honorary Board

“German VOLUNTEERING takes over patronage for project of the Munich Club Parea your project of the German voluntary work Association supports with the acquisition of the patron of the project meeting volunteering meet and move” the use of your project e.V. Parea. The Parea project among over 800 candidates from the Federal Government was chosen in the framework of the European year against poverty and social exclusion. “True to the motto of Federal with new courage” recognizes and uses the project the civic potential of people with a migration background. Combination of migration and volunteering in Munich are logged over 300,000 foreign nationals.

Due to the lack of a professional qualification, obstacles to the recognition of their qualifications or language barriers, participation in society is complicated many of them. “By meeting point for volunteering” especially socially isolated women and men who are threatened by poverty and social exclusion, will be obtained for volunteer activities. The Project funding allows building a consulting and agency, which provides volunteers interested in different cultural backgrounds in the greater Munich area by the European Union. “In addition to a thematic series volunteering” language and conversation courses prepare the intercultural assistants on their voluntary commitment. In the context of volunteering, fixed responsibilities and new contacts strengthen the self-esteem of the multicultural helpers. The acquired skills facilitate the integration into society and access to the labour market. We keep volunteering back free ‘ we want to help people who help. The project of Parea deserves our support and appreciation, because that new ways are gone, to connect the issues of migration and volunteering.

Therefore I gladly took over the patronage and would like Parea help endeavours, the understanding between people of different social and cultural backgrounds with volunteer commitment to promote,”explains Hans Hachinger, German Honorary Board of Directors. “Parea e.V. was founded in 2007 colorful mixed Ehrenamtlicher of a group”, so Lisa from Luzelburg, first Chairman of the Association. “The membership in the Association of the German voluntary work and associated Club protection security gives us. So we can focus entirely on our social commitment”. Under the motto we consider volunteering your back free ‘ is the German voluntary work Association socially committed people for years with help and advice. So, members receive individual right safe advice in legal, tax and liability issues. Also the Stiftung Warentest has pointed out recently on the liability situation by club directors and the Association – letter ‘ the German volunteer as complete insurance coverage called. About German VOLUNTEERING e.V.: The German voluntary work Association cares for over ten years to the legal, tax and insurance technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. Membership offers Label protection against liability risks ‘ and thus extensive protection against personal liability risks. The seal stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering. Members can be all clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest and benefit from the many services including bylaws reviews, event and property damage liability insurance. About Parea your project e.V. Parea your project e.V. was founded in the summer of 2007 by a group of colorful mixed volunteer as a non-profit and charitable organization. Parea aims to promote understanding between people of different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. The promotion of citizenship and the strengthening of civil society is a key issue in this context.