Internet Advertising

Thus, when advertising on television to highlight the image, clearly distinguish it from its surroundings. If possible, try to use the association with movie heroes, artistic heroes. The main types of stories in the advertising vehicle: a dramatic, historic, poetic. Pros advertising on television: – the simultaneous effect on vision and hearing – a broad spectrum of attracting the attention of consumers through creating a moving image of a car with an alternation of display advertising. Advertising on Radio. It is becoming increasingly popular. In this type of advertising vehicles to focus on sounds (brand name) and the images of the model cars from the audience. The main advantages of this type of advertising: – great coverage of the audience – relatively low cost – greater confidence than Print Ads in the printing industry.

Placing a graphic advertising block in the glossy magazine or on the forms is very popular brand of the car increases. High printing quality and prestige can see your ads and appreciate the brand of car. Brochures, catalogs, leaflets and poster printing also play a role in promoting the brand. As we have said, advertising must be truthful information to present to the buyer, so it is useful to place articles on the topic in print production. Such advertising in specialized publications will be a great help.

For them, preferably a detailed description of advantages and characteristics of one or another brand cars. When placing the advertisement in the printing industry, such as diaries, pay attention to the quality production of notebooks, diaries and stamping. Do not use more than 3 types of fonts, to post information on the photos, do not forget to place an image on stamps front side of the poster. Outdoor advertising. For outdoor auto include billboards and illuminated signs, banners and more. For outdoor use typography special material that does not lose its qualities in bad weather conditions remain the same quality. Illuminated advertising more image, bright, seen especially well in the evening. The design of the shield as well as illuminated signs are very important element for a design. The task of making the outdoor advertising is to attract the attention of a random pedestrian and motorist. Advertising on the Internet. Speedy development of the Internet in real time and increase the audience in it attracts more and more companies to conduct advertising campaigns and also in the "World Wide Web." The Internet can be used as the visual impact – banners, text and listening – sounds. Creating a website and promotional pages, the advertising campaign, website promotion, promotions, conferences, and more. The advantages of such advertising at a relatively low cost. Flash-presentation and auto banners can be placed on their sites and on partner sites.