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Branch Equipment

In this case, the estimate is made taking into account the assumption that in the future value of the property will change in accordance with the same regularity. The size of the discount is not advisable to install more factor to reduce the price to the market value of the equipment. Term of realization of […]

Effective Teamwork

Friday, the end of the day. Sergey all in a lather. Chief of urgently needed reports. The phone rings incessantly. Under most conditions Jim Umpleby would agree. Andrew recalled that the planning session on Monday. Genet urgently needed document. Sasha aims to discuss the project. Client hastens with the solution. Finally, call the chief and […]

Investment Analysis

The activities of any company, one way or another, associated with an investment of resources in different types of assets, whose acquisition is necessary for the core activities of this company. But to increase the profitability of the firm also may invest temporarily available resources to various types of assets, income, but do not participate […]