Investment Analysis

The activities of any company, one way or another, associated with an investment of resources in different types of assets, whose acquisition is necessary for the core activities of this company. But to increase the profitability of the firm also may invest temporarily available resources to various types of assets, income, but do not participate in core activities. Such activity is an investment firm, and management of such activities – investment management firm. Goal of the analysis. Until recently, economics was not yet formed a clear idea of the holistic analysis of investment as a separate branch research in economic analysis. In the course of formulating and solving complex problems related to the problems of implementing long-term investments, there is a need for analytical studies both financial, investment and operational decisions. The financial decision to include questions about the sources from which and to what extent and under what conditions it is possible to finance long-term investment. Among investment-making is an optimal distribution of own and borrowed resources among possible areas of economic activity, certain types of assets, what is their structure, the period turnover, an appropriate level of risk, etc.

The objectives of investment analysis are: – a comprehensive assessment of needs and the availability of the required conditions for investment – an informed choice and sources of funding their prices – identify factors (both objective and subjective, internal and external) that affect the actual results of investment from the previously planned – optimal investment solutions that strengthen competitive advantages of the firm and consistent with its tactical and strategic objectives – are acceptable to the investor risk and return parameters – posleinvestitsionny monitoring and development of recommendations to improve qualitative and quantitative results of investment. In the analytical study of decision-making are investment-evaluation and comparison of the projected investment and future cash flows. The general logic of analysis using formal criteria is to compare the magnitude of investment required to projected revenues. As the figures are compared different points in time, becomes a key issue of comparability. Investments, investment management, investment project