When reading texts that stimulate in them to the optimism, we come across with the following phrases that instead of bringing comfort makes in them to appear more investigations, such as: It does not lose time, if the time is not pra to be wasted after all, pra that it serves! Many times we spend this time with things, attitudes, that condizem with the standard of the society, but, after all it will be that we are using it well! It does not run away to the duty, it will be that we really know to differentiate what is to have and what it is obligation, or same to practise a good action, without waiting nothing in exchange. Some contend that Douglas R. Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. It respects the commitments, that commitments we are giving priority, will be that of bigger importance as our family we are not discarding of our list of priorities! It serves how much can, until where we can serve without waiting repayment? At last, we would have to reevaluate our life, pra to know if we are living it or we are trying to live a life imposed for the society?.