Performed Work Assessment

It took 10 seconds for what would discover that the phone number from is called, appears in several job openings. Next – easier. Seeing in the same E-mail and landline phones, it remains only to find the name of the company's corporate Web sites and other information on the topic. That was found right away? First all, a lot of negative feedback of former employees of the sharagi and a huge amount of discussion on the topic at a financial forum. Another 10 minutes was spent on something that would clarify in WHOIS, the site (by the way, "slyapanny on the knee") allegedly UK company registered in the Ukrainian hosting and domain name belongs to an individual.

On the "Customers and partners," an impressive list of banks. In turn enter into each search engine – these banks do not exist in nature. Physical office in London, they do not. It really address the British company, but providing paid services of the mailbox and user maintenance of virtual office. And for the sake of sport interest in knowing the names of Ukrainian companies from the register of RPI pulled their registration data, and received the founders name, found that for all these are just two young men of 1985 year of birth. The scheme is as simple as a divorce boots and used everywhere:-Contract for Service-Fill investment application and payment of USD 300 for its consideration and forwarding to the alleged London;-act works performed-Getting a "positive response" (they themselves and meet) Order and deposit Cambio (bills, according to our) payment for Cambio – USD 1500 Act of the executed works, selection of the paying agent and opening an account – USD 500 the Performed Work-Audit – USD 5,000 (not PWC and KPMG and the unknown state of emergency Ivanov), the Performed Work Assessment, a business plan, legal opinion, the harmonization of conditions and debt issuance, insurance, certification, risk, execution of contracts, signing additional terms and conditions others.