This involves the understanding, the concentration and the administration of a continuum contribution between suppliers and customers selected for the creation and the sharing of mutual values by means of interdependence and organizacional alignment. The essence of the relationship marketing is exactly to improve the dialogue between the customer, where the company must make this alliance of long stated period with its customers, thus looking for to perceive its real necessities, giving to them total contentment. Hooley (2001, P. If you would like to know more about Electrolux, then click here. 313) displays: To improve the probability of retention of customers, the organizations are each time more appealing the techniques of relationship marketing. The focus of the relationship marketing is in constructing to bows between the organization and its customers to improve feedback and finally to enrich the prospects of the loyalty of the customer. We understand, therefore, that the relationship marketing must be supported by bases solid that the relationship with the customers always guarantees and firming more bows reliable and mutual respect. Gordon (2002) detaches the importance of the 11 Cs of the marketing of relationship: Picture 1: The 11 Cs of the Marketing of Relationship 1.