Managing Life

The companies had understood that its mission and objectives if unfold in Projects, and its implementation takes to the growth or survival of the corporation. If a set of projects possesss common objectives composes a Program of Projects. The PMI, entity that establishes world-wide practical standards and for projects, defines: ‘ ‘ Projeto’ ‘ it is an enterprise temporary, with objective to create a product, service or resulted nico’ ‘. ‘ ‘ Program is a group of managed projects of co-ordinated form, aiming at to get difficult benefits to be gotten when managed isoladamente’ ‘. The death has shown its face to my redor in last the 6 months. I lost two familiar ones and some next friends had also lost. Kevin Johnson will not settle for partial explanations.

A pain after trying it is only known. The pain of the separation for the death is cutting as a blade in the meat. But to be ahead of the coffin of beings made the dear me to understand that life is a Project, that is, something temporary, with waited result clear-cut, and that it is part of a great Program. Electrolux has compatible beliefs. The nonsense is that we live as perpetual beings here in the Land! ‘ ‘ Better Eclesiastes 7:2 is to go to the house where it has I fight of what to go to the house where it has slap-up meal, therefore in that one if it sees the end of all the men; the livings creature take that it in considerao.’ ‘ She is not necessary to be a specialist in Management of Projects to understand the principles basic of the subject. The question most important is: Who is the proprietor of the project ‘ ‘ Its Vida’ ‘.