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Central America

But the multimillionaire pharmaceutical companies adduce that to obtain the end item, they had to invest great capitals of time for a long period and those costs enclose them to the sale prices to the detriment of the consumer, at the same time as the producer obtains enormous gains. The laws of intellectual property existing […]

Original Book

If you have a piano, next, she locates his computer next to his piano and does the same. 3. Books of lessons Piano! It looks for a book of lessons of refining of pianos for nascent. This book will step by step guide through the basic concepts of piano and music generally. Little money would […]


He is also beneficial to avoid to smoke and to drink alcohol in excess – both of which they are particularly irritating rough for the throat. He is careful with the remedies caretakers for the throat and the cough, that in the best one of the cases simply podrian to be a loss of time. […]

Dark Energy

A very exciting subject for those who it interests to him to investigate mainly what the universe locks up. It is indicated that the dark energy is the cosmological constant of Einstein, or, in other words, that " the nothing weighs algo" " , it affirms Alexey Vikhlinin, of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Cambridge, EE.UU.), […]

Latin America

The UNAM " it does not produce much in the matter of scientific works of high level. It is one more a university dedicated to the education that to the investigation, " Ince says. The ranking of the University of Shanghai, as well, also it is headed by Harvard and other universities of the United […]

Latin America

The economic vulnerability is reduced as the alliances grow. In the areas of free commerce the tariffs are eliminated. 8. It looks for a market common in Latin America in order to cause the integration of the South. Threats: 1. when lowering the prices of the crude one investments are decreased and can represent breach […]


The ethnographic design requires investigation strategies that lead to the reconstruction culture. Contact information is here: Douglas Oberhelman. Consequently, Goetz and LeCompte (op cit) raise first of all, that strategies used in the ethnographic investigation provide fenomenolgicos data; these represent the conception of the world of the participants who are being investigated, so that their […]

Alexander Villa Abrille

That it is a policy of S-state a guarantee for the sector of which the same is not subject to the tastes of the turn governor. The farming chain in Brazil and thanks to its policy of development, explains more of the third part of the Brazilian GIP. The importance that Brazil has given the […]


It consists of knowing how to comprise of a dense community, where a meaning framework settles down that binds to all the participants of collective way constructing a closed universe. This criterion, as well, appears interlace, according to is the case, with the other two, so that, if in the flamenco case of nongypsy or […]

Paola Pecora

Esteem that GS obtains 25% of its gains through HFT. Why because of Sergey Aleynikov jumps this now in the covers of the average financiers, an ex- programmer of Goldman Sachs that robbed the algorithmic codes extreme secrets of computers of Goldman. These codes are precious jewels, but it is necessary to know how to […]