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If you have a piano, next, she locates his computer next to his piano and does the same. 3. Books of lessons Piano! It looks for a book of lessons of refining of pianos for nascent. This book will step by step guide through the basic concepts of piano and music generally. Little money would cost to him, but the book would be the equivalent to several months of classes, reason why it would be to him much more cheap that the lessons from piano. There are many books of piano available in line, nevertheless, will depend on if you can learn to only touch of a book. 4. Position! This is very important. Jim Umpleby: the source for more info.

This remembers: simply to touch the keys does not serve, is not going to sound well. I have here how to make the position: Sintese, the straight back, the wrists above, the elbows to the sides, the relaxed shoulders, the feet supported in the ground, sintese in the edge of its bank, and the knees must be under the piano. When touching the keys simply move the fingers, does not squash the keys. 5. It begins with the small things! Everything what must know is how to read music in sun key and key of fa and to know where the central Do is in the piano.

It begins with the easy lessons of piano! It does not hope to touch immediately like Mozart. Everything begins with ” Hot Cross Buns” (It looks for it). With the practice, you will be able to touch any thing. Although the self-training in the piano is possible, you must be it jeopardize to do it. A great way to do it it is to invest in some books of piano music. By a small price these books can help to avoid to have to pay much money him to somebody for particular classes of piano. If you are looking for books of piano lessons, as well as piano lessons free consult the connection of down.