Argentine Uruguay

Instead of to optimize the commercial conditions, allowing to the unrestricted competition, so that others can penetrate in the market of the telecommunications, putting brake to the low quality of the existing supply, lowering the price of costs to the consumer, extending the opinion currents, falling the power del that enjoy the megas corporations. Cristina decided on the despotic way of silencing, copying the conduct of her socialist brothers Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. The access of the Argentine public to the information suffers from great limitations, because the tariffs of import a the computers cause that these cost the double than they are worth in origin, when being an instrument for the education these would have to be exempted of tariffs. The books appear in a similar category, therefore, the bookstores do not concern up-to-date material of reading. But the education, the information and the culture, always were the worse enemies of the Peronism. While greater it is the ignorance, more crooked things can make the governors without it notices it to people.

The Peronism is the vindication of the abuse, the obscurantism and the lie. The economic freedom is restricted with exhausting regulations, winding burdens, bureaucracy, and administrative obstacles of unusual creativity, that prevent the formation of new sources of work, while the poverty follows growing. With the new law that is difficult to stop, Argentina falls several additional positions in its reduction towards the totalitarianism, putting itself at the same level of its neocommunist partners of the 21st century. More in their own world is locked in, and it is excluded from the short possibility and medium term to improve the standard of life of his population. The worse thing is than any competing candidate with clear and fresh ideas for the next elections is not outlined, that can put aim to half century of crazy economic experiments, authoritarianism and corruption. The politicians, blatantly adaptable, proclaim Peronists of left, trusting in which that is the formula to obtain the popular support. The anachronism and the contradiction are as if in Spain those of the PSOE were described as Franco supporters. Pepe Mujica, candidate to the presidency of Uruguay by the leftist Extended front, said: Is that I do not know which is the ideology of the Kirchner. It seems that they are progressive, but also are Peronist. In Uruguay bravsimo turns out to understand it to us. Not only in Uruguay original Author and source of the article.