With the cut in the IPI, passed December, the market if recouped of the fall suffered in the last months of 2008. In the first fortnight of June, the sales already the same registered high of 8,54% before period of 2008.Segundo it, already it is certain that the semester will be record. Data gotten for the State indicate that, until friday, they had been vendidos 1.41 million of vehicles, before 1,4 million in equal period of 2008. This month also it will be optimum June of history, affirmed Schneider.Segundo given of market, had been permitted until friday 260,8 a thousand vehicles in June, while in May had been 247 a thousand. In June of 2008, they had been 256 a thousand. The feires of the last weekend had not presented so good performance how much the previous one because of the emptying, in the friday, of that the IPI would be extending. For the president of the Fiat, Cledorvino Belini, the decision shows to the concern of the government with Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), therefore the automobile industry can contribute very to improve the indices of the Country. It also believes that ' ' domestic market has conditions to surpass the results of the year passado.' ' Jose Carlos Pine Grandson, vice-president of the General Motors, added that ' ' Brazil is one of the few countries, to the side of China and Germany, to register increase in its sales in 2009, thanks to the initiative of the government federal.' ' The growth will not be restricted to the automotivo sector. The National Association of Manufacturers of Eletroeletrnicos products (Electros) divulged, in note, that the sales in the national market in this year go to exceed enter 5% 10% the volume of 2008. In function of the disinvesting of a charge, the sales in May had grown 20% in relation the same the month of the last year.