Rolando Chvez

However, in those situations in which the client feels that she stopped being right, the reclamation usually is the route to look for some corrective one. The subject is that all do not know to formalize their denunciation without falling in discussion and all do not know to accept a complaint like a constructive critic. " Before one said that the complaint had to see as a gift – it affirmed I slide because the client had invested to time and money in complaining to give an opportunity him to improve. But now we pleaded for a change of perspective, because the personnel must see that if the client complaint is itself because its lack of affection to the work was in evidencia". The McDonald&quot company; s – to mention a case it receives an average of 2,000 monthly calls and 400 electronic mails, in which complaints, reclamations, suggestions or requests of information are expressed. In these cases, the company has established a term of 48 hours in order to give answer to the requirements of its clients. In agreement with Rolando Chvez, manager of communications, those mechanisms of approach have served to them to make corrective.

However, far from to recognize that the quality of the service has decayed in the food segment fast, it assures that the competitiveness of the market forces to that every time more efforts for better the experience become of the client. GOLD RULES – the authors of the book the supreme art of attention to the client assure that the people hope that the companies on watch always fulfill and so they promise. – That they respect his time of strict way and that allows him to decide what to do with him. – That who take care of are obsessive with the details, that react of responsible way, fascinating and creative against the errors. – The clients bother themselves: when they feel that they deal with disinterestedness and coldness. – They take care of When them with scorn, disqualification, to get out of trouble or in mechanized and hard-back form.

– When " pelotean" its responsibility. Definitively, it is a very serious task of the companies in function of its social responsibility, to enter itself in satisfying the necessity with of its clients identifying more with the culture on watch, that in the Venezuelan scene lets much say, not only in the services public, even in the private ones. Therefore, it is necessary to identify itself with the responsibility to more provide the consumer the attention of which is deserving source:. Original author and source of the article.