This mechanism is

This mechanism is part of an ongoing process to optimize the management techniques from the implementation, conscientious and responsible assessment, documentation, disposal and constant verification of the actions, and is part of the organizational process of the institution concerned to establish the standard. If initially not be reached to have an environmental management system, interested companies can opt to multimetodol gica assessment, supported in interviews, inspections, measurements or audits, to identify issues, practices and procedures of environmental management, and aspects applicable legal and unenforceable,and risk prevention and emergencies. Given the importance of verification and monitoring activities, regular review and registration of the variables and / or parameters relating the management process should be done continuously, and to justify changes to the processes to fit the standard . Some approaches directly relevant to forestry are discharged into water, discharges to land, use of raw materials and natural resources, energy use, waste, byproducts and physical properties.In relation to activities, products and services other organization could be considered as design and development of activities and processes, packaging and transport, environmental performance and practices of contractors and suppliers, waste management, extraction and distribution of raw materials and natural resources, distribution, use and end of life cycles of products and partners with the flora, fauna and biodiversity. It then establishes the importance of implementing some or all the criteria mentioned in ISO 14001, the National Forest context for the formation of integrated environmental management systems, applicable to sustainable forest management and sustainable.