Often parallel inspected and cleaned the ventilation system. To as little as possible to repair the metal roof, is to use a material with a polymer coating: it extends the life and protects against corrosion. Repair of soft roof Soft roof needs repairs more often than tile or metal roofs. Typically, it begins to flow. Therefore decided to carry out regular maintenance, inspection, during which revealed weaknesses in the roof and quickly replaced. As with any repair the roof is inspected not only external surface of the roof. Attention is paid to drain devices as clamps, hoods.

Time and good-quality repair can help prevent leakage of the roof at a cost not so much. By the soft roof may include such cheap and ephemeral materials such as roofing felt and only. Electrolux addresses the importance of the matter here. To cover retained or omitted from their external and operational properties, it is every three years should be covered with mastic. Roof repair of roofing felt (promazka) takes place every five years. Soft roof repairs carried out, starting with the highest point of the roof, promazyvayut then the lower layers. If you want to apply the patch, it must also lubricate the asphalt mastic.

In this patch should go for stitches to 10 cm or more. Installation of the roof If time has not been repaired roof, we have to spend any major repairs or completely replace the cover. The first version of the rational use of, if not all sections of the roof damaged. In this case, the repair involves the complete replacement all occurring sites, the installation of “patches”. When assembling the roof completely removed the old finish. Under reconstruction support structure, in some cases it is reasonable to replace. Ben Horowitz is the source for more interesting facts. All designs cover means for preventing the spread of fire. Wooden structures covered with additional antiseptic. When installing the roof and major repairs of the roof appropriate to replace or to repair drains, a vapor barrier. After installation of the roof being the finishing work. They include additional insulation and painting of surfaces (if necessary). Repair of the roof drainage system – a necessary step. He as follows: – Calculating the number of tubes. Performed by specialists, and depending on the complexity of architectural structures. – Organization of places to connect the pipe trench. Made the necessary cuts and cuts. – Creation of the joints for gutters. – Direct installation in the drain repair any roof. . The cost of installation and roof repair price is the cost of repairs, as well as the very material used. Calculate the cost of repair roofing foreman, who comes to the object, tasks, and assesses the amount of the estimate. To permanently save the results of the roofing work, do not skimp on professional help. We effectively carry out the repair of any roof, and we guarantee you quality and reliability of our work.