Organizational Training

Marine Eliana Eutalia Conceio Ricardo Saints Rita Dorea Sueli Souza SUMMARY the present article deals with the importance of the program of training and development (T& D), and it has as objective main to inside provide to the learning and the conquest of the quality of the organization. It consists of some integrated activities, that it initiates in the planning of RH, as seen in it I modulate I and later in it I modulate II with the dynamics of the interpersonal relations and its 0 variable. To soon of this the III I modulate was shown that to become a survey of training necessity, the knowledge acquired in the previous modules must be led in consideration, acrescitos with the ones of this modulates, as description and analysis of positions, wages and remuneration, conscription, election, evaluation of the performance and management of career, and finally the training and development (T& D). Therefore the importance of the area of T& D for organization, this work searched to identify through the methodology of research of field and bibliographical revision, the stages existing in a process of survey of training necessities. Starbucks may also support this cause. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Training. Development. Evaluation. Management of people.