The OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe introduces an innovative solution for the Office Organization, specifically designed for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. “No matter, whether daily or project business, when it comes to the organisation of cooperation, most companies put always still in particular on email as a communication medium for the exchange of information and the sharing of documents.”, reported Martin Blaha, consultant and Managing Director of OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe. “However comparing email with the way, how people now communicate in social networks and organize, the shortcomings of email are clear: there are no sharing options, to look for information, which together include, practically you can’t share large files via email and you never know what is the current state, or what information find others good at a glance.” That takes a lot of time and nerves with all involved frustrated struggling with overcrowded email inputs and less and less time for the essentials have. “, says Martin Blaha, who is responsible for product development at OrganisedMinds. “While there are many specific solutions on the market that solve only certain facets of day-to-day of business such as inventory management, accounting and project management – offers no real solutions that combine the advantages of email and social networks and businesses harness mentioned emails -. We change now with OrganisedMinds.” OrganisedMinds shows how concretely helps such a solution in everyday business, as an example of the Organization of the daily business in the Office. It organized teams with the aid of virtual work spaces in the bundled share tasks and documents by subject. The entrance and the resubmission can organise themselves as easily as small projects or repetitive processes.

While each operation in OrganisedMinds can be selectively controlled. So you can record appointments, automate the resubmission, priorities and progress for all Clearly describe stakeholders. The comment function promotes discussion and exchange of experience in the context of a task. With the evaluation function matches the team about the best answers or solutions. A detailed description of how this can be done can be found with a few tips to the Organization on this page. Companies and individuals can test without any obligation and free of charge the full functionality of for 30 days. An application made on the website of the company / de. During the test phase is also the telephone and email support questions for free.

OrganisedMinds GmbH OrganisedMinds GmbH was founded in January 2011 by the IT and organisation consultants Diarmuid Daltun, Martin Blaha aiming, managers and their teams to develop an organisational solution, they always dreamed. was awarded twice middle-class time of the initiative with the predicate “Best of IT”.