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Depilatory Creams

It acts on the aboveground part of the hair, keratin, transforming in a few minutes, in a soft, plastic, mass which can be removed easily using a spatula or simply with water. It is a quick shave (5-8 minutes), painless and comfortable. There are also special for sensitive skin creams. With this method of hair […]

Pain Pediatric Hospital Pedagogy

Pediatric pain assessment instruments allow access to the subjective state of the patient with the dual purpose of:-the maximum information on the various dimensions of the perception of pain (intensity, location, duration, frequency). -Evaluate their cognition and emotional reactions to the painful experience. These aspects can only be known through introspection, proving very difficult to […]

Saadian Kings

Animadisima square Jemaa El Fna is an attraction in itself, with its charming of snakes, his acrobats and musicians and all kinds of artists and animators, as well as many places to eat and drink. Right next to the plaza can not miss a visit to the souks, the traditional largest market in Morocco. There […]

American Market

The economic crisis is global and has reached all corners of the planet and is affecting all areas and economic sectors. We can point out as starting point of this collapse of the so-called mortgage crisis that you occurred in late 2008 United States, subprime mortgages were issued to clients of doubtful solvency, with the […]

Juan Alberto

Rabies blinded him, took a bottle of ink that was on the table and threw it against the first thing that crossed it by the front. Ink struck the painting that Bela would be, totally ruined. Pablo looked one last time the portrait on the wall and went. Bela is the study stared droplets of […]

The Many

It will also gain strength before other everyday illnesses like colds, flu. This persistent cough and snoring will disappear as if by magic. Their quality of life will increase significantly in a few days. When you stop smoking It will also save lots of money, money that you yourself was investing in poor health. Place […]