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It will also gain strength before other everyday illnesses like colds, flu. This persistent cough and snoring will disappear as if by magic. Their quality of life will increase significantly in a few days. When you stop smoking It will also save lots of money, money that you yourself was investing in poor health. Place all the money previously earmarked for tobacco in a piggy bank and a month has achieved savings. In the initial stages, the nicotine will show its effects. It will be almost impossible to overcome the temptation.

However, try to distract your mind. You can also get some nicotine withdrawal side effects such as headaches, irritation and occasional cough. It’s positive signs. In this stage, drink plenty of water. Keep your hands and mouth busy in other activities. Don’t worry too much by this since this will be reduced with time and very short term. At the beginning it is possible that you feel a bit of anxiety.

To control this anxiety does not consume caffeinated drinks, take a deep breath and perform daily walks. The best way to handle this stage is doing plenty of exercise. The amount of carbon monoxide in your blood decrease and there will be a considerable increase in oxygen at the same time. Your face will look brighter and your skin more pink. The beating of your heart will normalize and begin to clean your lungs. The risk of heart attack will gradually decrease if you stay without smoking for a period of one to two years. To make it more interesting, find a friend interested in carry out the cessation along with the. Both will be amazed with the progress. Try to always avoid places that remember their old habit. After quitting smoking, many people up a bit of weight. To avoid this, join a gym or perform an exercise routine at home, eat healthily, and optimize your lifestyle. Some substances can replace hazardous nicotine, but should not be ingested without the prescription of a doctor. For example, nicotine, Bupropion, inhalers and nasal sprays of nicotine gum. These medications can assist you in the complete abandonment of the habit. If you decide to take this route, please visit your doctor. Now, you have taken the course, it is time to be rewarded for their achievements. See your piggy bank, amazed to see the amount of money that you’re saving and extra amount of things you can do with him. And to win what he has done? Abandon a habit that brought not only nothing but also diminished their quality of life. Do you notice more air up the stairs, walking and running? This is just one of the many advantages of abandoning the tobacco.