The Foundations

However, the existence of such a society is very doubtful, and thus – perhaps to talk about a society with a fairly high but not absolute levels of social status and public demand, democracy and 'Market orientation' of the economic system. Consequently, in an effort to society 'absolute perfection' inevitable and reverse processes, resembling the trajectory of the pendulum. 'Surplus' of market relations can be offset by the increased role of government in the economy, 'excessive democracy' increasing centralization of power and reduction of income and wealth lowers the social status and demand, resulting in an equilibrium state set of three public systems. Going back to work, ie study the role of entrepreneurship in the social processes it is necessary to define its very concept. Economic relations in society are influenced by many factors and conditions, one of which is the core business. Entrepreneurship – the concept of multi-faceted, versatile, and its existence is directly related to market economy. This is one of the foundations and the necessary conditions for the functioning and development of market relations in society. There are many definitions of entrepreneurship, but the majority of researchers note first of all such properties as the ability to combine and coordinate the production factors, the willingness to economic risk, the use of new ideas in the production of goods and services in order to profit on long-term basis. In this case, must be distinguished 'businessman' from the 'owner of capital' as a different entity to the economic concepts that are not always united in one person.