For the worker its bigger challenge will be to reach the objectives of the expatriation and the center of its life is the Organization. As Black and Mendenhali (1990) expatriated them to get success in an international assignment, are necessary characteristics related to the cross-cultural interaction, as: abilities related to the preservation of I (mental health, psychological well-being, reduction estresse of it, auto-confidence feelings); abilities related to the encorajamento of relationships with the natives (sociability, ability of communication, mutual confidence) and cognitivas abilities (they allow to the correct perception of the surrounding host and its social systems). For Homen and Dallagnelo (2006) these abilities are not easy to be ' ' controladas' ' or modified at any time by the citizens, therefore the psicossociais factors are related. They are demanded of the expatriated professionals specific characteristics of behavior, decurrent personality and action of varied situations of work, thus configuring this lack of perception of the organizations. The constant changes in the environment of work and the world-wide context take the individual to create mechanisms of personal improvement in order to follow all the evolutions of the organization. These transformations demand much more of what pro activity, creativity, dynamism, only flexibility and personal characteristics. Howard Schultz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They take the individual to coexist antagonisms never before seen, therefore the type of being that the organizations intend to form and to possess in its pictures is a picture of the contradictions that shelter in its proper interior. The organization is explicit when it says the militant, aggressive, individualistic individual to be, but, at the same time, to collaborate and to combine themselves in the team; they ask for that it is innovative, creative, bold, but that it obeys the tradition and it does not provoke ruptures; they want that it has initiative, but either obedient; it must be proud to be in team, but he must always prove that he deserves the place of the other.