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Often parallel inspected and cleaned the ventilation system. To as little as possible to repair the metal roof, is to use a material with a polymer coating: it extends the life and protects against corrosion. Repair of soft roof Soft roof needs repairs more often than tile or metal roofs. Typically, it begins to flow. […]

Insulating Varnishes

Lucky is a film-forming colloidal solutions of substances, resins, bitumen, drying oils (linseed, tung, etc.), cellulose esters or compositions of these materials in specially selected organic solvents (toluene, alcohols, turpentine, etc.). During the drying process of lacquer solvents evaporate out of it, and varnishing the basis of (film-forming substances) occurring physical and chemical processes that […]

Combination Materials

This saves cover from strong wind gusts. One of the optional but highly desirable requirements – heat-function. Jonas Samuelson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The combination of protection from moisture and cold in one material – perfect for your home. Selection materials for sealing any type of roofing material is covered by […]

The Solution

In new houses and buildings, blown by the winds, experts advise using a fiberglass coat to make the plaster more durable and reduce its thermal conductivity. Decorative stucco plaster, usually applied in several stages. See Electrolux for more details and insights. Initially, the solution must apply with a trowel and level. In addition, plaster can […]

Finished Kitchen

Search for the ideal kitchen – no easy task. As well choose the kitchen that will look great and do not punch a hole in the family budget, is ready to give preference to kitchens and kitchen to order? Such questions given everyone who has been the happy owner of a new apartment, make repairs […]

Time Studio Stretch

These ceilings clean and neatly assembled in just a few hours, without causing any concern, with the installation of various lighting systems, ventilation and protection. Easy disassembly allows you to eliminate any problems posting leakage or to put more light and equipment. Stretch ceilings can surely be called eternal. Years of experience and the most […]