Time Studio Stretch

These ceilings clean and neatly assembled in just a few hours, without causing any concern, with the installation of various lighting systems, ventilation and protection. Easy disassembly allows you to eliminate any problems posting leakage or to put more light and equipment. Stretch ceilings can surely be called eternal. Years of experience and the most progressive technological development of producers of stretch ceilings allow us to offer a surprisingly long-lasting coverage, does not burn, do not change color, and completely environmentally safe. A variety of textures ceilings, which offers suspended ceilings directory: Satin – refinement, white silk – a perfectly white surface lacquer – like a mirror reflecting the room, as well as an extensive range of colors to help create the right mood, which expands the space and fill the house with energy and the sun.

Thanks to its undisputed benefits of this system harpoon suspended ceilings are stronger than all our lives, being an attribute of modern and contemporary design. Very often, typing in search ceilings Petersburg, we see the different firms that offer the installation of stretch ceilings, this includes company and Time Studio. The company was founded in 2002 and performs the manufacturing of stretch ceilings, pvc film – the leading area for sales. Because the ceilings film recently seriously compete with their seamless grown in popularity. Stretch patent leather, which expands the volume of the room, creating the effect of the second room. These ceilings designers recommend the use of small rooms for an additional visual expansion of space.

And the philosophers say, the breadth of the room determines the scope of consciousness. So, live a comfortable, convenient and thoughts scale with lacquered stretch ceilings. Reflecting the lights and shapes of furniture, ceilings create an atmosphere of mystery and, at the same time giving the room a solemn look, where you will always feel host a celebration of life.